Tahoe & Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose
10,776 Feet Elevation
Somehow, we're already half way through July and I still haven't shared our pictures from Memorial Day Weekend! Let's just say, life has been busy lately. Our weekends have been filled to the brim with adventures, friends, & family. You won't hear me complaining, life is good!

So back to Memorial Day...

Andrew and I decided to spend our weekend in the Mountains, and drove up to Tahoe. Lucky for us, my cousins have a cabin there, and since they weren't using it they offered it to us. We drove up Friday after work, and somehow didn't hit too much traffic leaving the city. 

We didn't have set plans for the weekend other than paddle boarding and doing one longer hike. We decided to spend our Saturday relaxing and enjoying North Shore, and save our hike for Sunday. We were up early to go rent paddle boards for a couple hours on Saturday. I wish I had a waterproof case, but I wasn't brave enough to bring my camera or phone. It was so beautiful. Definitely a highlight of our weekend. The water was glass, which is pretty rare for Tahoe. We paddled for about an hour and a half along the shore; admiring the houses and beautiful Tahoe vistas. I was a little nervous since it was my first time paddle boarding, but I loved it! It was easier than I thought to balance, and I managed to stay dry. 
Enjoying the beach by our Cabin after paddle boarding!
After paddle boarding, we decided to drive down to Tahoe City to walk around and get lunch. I didn't realize that Andrew hadn't spent time in North Lake Tahoe before, so I was excited to show him around a bit. We had Louis with us, and found a restaurant with an outdoor patio that allowed dogs. We sat in the sunshine and enjoyed our beers and lunch, then walked around and peaked into the various shops. 

I wanted to show Andrew Fanny Bridge at the Truckee River Dam. We happened to get there right at the perfect time and saw a dog that was trained to run along the bridge railing and jump off into the water and fetch a stick! 


We had invited my Mom to drive up and join us that night for dinner and hike with us on Sunday. So we met back at the cabin and then drove to Garwoods for dinner on the deck. We lucked out with perfect weather and had a great dinner sitting outside enjoying the view! 
View from the deck at Garwoods!
Sunday we woke up early to start our hike. We decided to do Mt. Rose, which is about 11 miles and 2,000 foot elevation gain. It was a beautiful day, and we were so lucky with the view from the summit! The hike was relatively easy in the beginning, but we did encounter quite a bit of snow which we didn't expect. We managed to do just fine, but there were some tricky parts! 

The views at the top were spectacular, we could see all the way to White Mountain in one direction, and Mt. Shasta in the other! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Reno in the distance
Donner Lake in the distance
Rewarded with a beer and beef jerky back at the car!

psst...if you missed my June Instagram Round-Up yesterday, you can find it here


June Instagram Round-Up

// My Mom came to visit and Andrew and I took her to spend a few hours walking around the Mission. We stopped into Mission Cheese for a snack and decided it was our new favorite place. I mean, they have a wall of cheese! Heaven on earth! //

// Of course, we had to try a flight of cheese and cured meats. They also had pickled veggies and these amazing biscuits. My Mom and I decided we need to bring my sister here and take our time tasting all their cheeses over a class, or two, of wine! //

// Two of my favorite things, beautiful peonies in my Gram's milk glass vase. I love having fresh flowers in the house, it makes everything so cheerful. And I love any excuse to use my Gram's milk glass. //

// Another night at Bimbo's to see Mustache Harbor with my college bestie Shannon! Andrew and I are obsessed, and we've recruited a new fan! I can't get enough Yacht Rock, we're already planning our next concert. //

// An impromptu trip across the Golden Gate one evening lead to a fro-yo date! We found the cutest little shop in Larkspur, appropriately named "Mags" which is a nickname for Andrew since it's the shortened version of his last name. It had been way too long since my last fro-yo fix, and it was the perfect way to kick off summer! //

// Love this shot of the floor treatment at the San Francisco Designer Showcase! I think this was my favorite room of the house, perfectly messy and artistic! See more photos of the house here //

// One of my best friends is getting married in September!! So one evening, I put on my bridesmaid hat  and spent the night helping her address wedding invitations...she paid me in wine so it was a win-win!! // 

// One of the highlights of June was being invited to attend the Tillamook Cheese Pop-Up Opening Party. Most of you know by now how much I love cheese, so this was the perfect event for me! //

// The party was so fun! A room filled with cheese and wine? It doesn't get much better! We were able to sample so many great Tillamook products and even met the CEO and Marketing Director. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. //

// Leaving with our Tillamook ice cream cones, full bellies, and big smiles! We had so much fun, thank you Tillamook! //

// After 10+ years of my dear friend Christie doing my hair, I had to go to a new stylist last month. We've been so busy lately, I couldn't find the time to drive home for a hair appointment, but thankfully the new stylist was really nice and my hair turned out great. But spending two hours in a salon chair is a lot more fun with your best friend to chat with! //

// Love having a little extra blonde for summer! //

// More peas, please! Snacking on some fresh English peas while we made dinner one evening. The perfect summer snack! //

// Finally! We got my Gram's antique dresser to use as a buffet in our dining room. This has been in storage for years, but unfortunately it doesn't quite fit in our car. Thanks to the best Dad ever, he drove it down to us one evening! It was really dirty after being in storage for years, so I gave it a good wash and polish, and now it looks beautiful in our dining room! It makes me so happy having it again. //

// We made an amazing tofu stir fry for dinner one night! It was a bit time consuming, but so worth the effort! I'd been wanting to try cauliflower rice, and it turned out so great. I didn't miss the rice one bit. And it's the best tofu I've ever made, I'll continue to use her method in the future. I'd definitely recommend trying this recipe

// World Cup fever! With all the World Cup talk the past few weeks, I was reminiscing on my time in Rome when they won the World Cup in 2006. Such fun memories! I have to say I was rooting for Argentina yesterday, but regardless of who wins (since USA & Italy were already out) I love watching soccer! //

// Stopping to admire the beautiful hydrangeas and tile steps on my run! I love the architecture and neighborhoods in this city, there is always something new to look at and admire. //

// One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit! I can't get enough, especially peaches and berries! //

Yet another amazing month come and gone. And now we're halfway through the next one! But I love these Instagram Round-Ups and didn't want to skip one :) Did you catch the theme for June....CHEESE! Big surprise! 


World Cup - 2006

In honor of the World Cup fever that has taken over, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. In 2006, I was lucky enough to spend a few months during the summer studying abroad in Rome, Italy. My time there happened to coincide with the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which Italy won! As you can imagine, it was an amazing experience to be there when they won, and be able to celebrate right along with them.

We lived in apartments only a short distance from the Vatican City. But the area had a very local, neighborhood vibe to it which I loved. My friends and I found a local pub that we frequented often, it was a hang out spot for locals but they accepted us into the crowd. We spent quite a bit of time there in the evenings after class, and figured it would be the perfect spot to watch the game.

It's so fun looking back at these pictures, what an amazing celebration! The only time I've experienced something similar was when the Giants won the 2012 World Series (sadly I didn't live here in 2010)! The streets were PACKED with people cheering, singing and celebrating Italy's victory. People were running on top of the cars parked in streets, spraying champagne on the crowds, hugging strangers...it was awesome.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I just snapped pictures of my scrapbook with my iPhone!

Love this one: He's pointing to the 4th start he drew on his shirt because it was Italy's 4th Wold Cup Championship! 

This year, of course, I'm rooting for the USA! Looking forward to cheering them on in the next round! We've been watching the games at work....no complaints here!!

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